skies apart

Skies Apart is Ashley’s first full-length album with 9 original tracks, produced with the help of Michael Terry at The Music Lab. It was written in multiple cities, self-recorded in New Jersey, mixed and mastered between California and Arizona. It is complete with drums, bass, keys, and cello, thanks to the amazing work of Michael Terry. Skies Apart is now only available via physical copies. If you’d like one, just shoot an email to

Track Listing
1. Move On
2. You Got Me
3. Fly
4. Those Eyes
5. Love Tonight
6. California
7. One to Blame
8. City Lights
9. Hazelnut

Skies Apart is dedicated to the late Chris Phillips, whose advice and candid feedback have proved absolutely invaluable. You are dearly missed.

twenty miles to freedom

Twenty Miles to Freedom EP is Ashley’s first album, consisting of five original songs, including:

1. Twenty Miles to Freedom
2. Friday Night Rain
3. Shot Down
4. Stuck in a Moment
5. Love Unspoken

It’s no longer available on iTunes, but you can email for a copy and listen to the title track below: